If you like red wine, this will be the best chicken pie you will ever taste. There’s something amazing and homely about a flaky buttery home made savoury pie. You can cut corners if you buy the pie crust already made, but making your own is well worth the effort. For this pie, I used a 9 inch non stick cake pan.

If you can make the chicken stock yourself, again, it’s well worth it, but otherwise you can use any chicken stock. This recipe is a quick version of the Coq au Vin but the flavours are the same. That beautiful tender chicken in rich red wine filling is an amazing experience.

Buy a rich full bodied red wine such as a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. The better the wine, the better the filling, and buy another bottle to enjoy with it. That’s a must! Also have a glass as you cook as there’s quite a few steps and the Chef always deserves a drink for all that hard work.

See my recipe for the pie crust, you will need one and a half the quantities so you have enough to cover the top and left over trimmings. Enjoy my coq au vin pie! Happy Baking!