An easy restaurant style recipe, made at home under 30 minutes and in one pan! Pork cutlets are very lean, tender and flavoursome. They extract an amazing flavour when simply caramelised using butter and oil.

For the sauce, you can use button mushrooms or mushroom assortment as I did in this recipe. Even dried soaked mushrooms work well for this.

To cook the pork, you need to first sear the cutlets using a hot frying pan, this helps render that nice caramelisation, that’s where all the flavour is. Then turn heat to low and cook through. Move them around so nothing burns in the pan.

Pork is usually cooked well done, but if you trust your butcher or where your meat comes from, it’s more acceptable these days to cook it medium or medium well, so it’s pink inside. Many restaurants now even serve it medium rare. If you have any doubts, then cook it well done. Enjoy my Pork Cutlets in Mushroom and Garlic Sauce today, then give your dog a bone!