The most delicious breakfast you will have. Although the ingredients and flavours are very Italian, most Italians don’t eat eggs for breakfast. That’s why this recipe is a twisted style. This might be more for lunch or even dinner. This is such a delicious dish, I personally could eat this anytime.

I prefer to use rustic sourdough bread, I also have a recipe for that should you be interested. Try and buy an artisanal one or the best country bread you can find.

For poaching the eggs, I strongly advise in using the freshest eggs, otherwise the whites will spread away from the yolks and could make a mess. If you buy fresh you will never have a problem.

Use a good Italian Prosciutto ham, if you prefer bacon, I suggest baking it in the oven for better results.

For the cheese, use a non-stick pan, alternatively you could cut the cheese slices, place them on the toast and melt it under the broiler or grill.

This breakfast goes well with a freshly squeezed orange juice and a great coffee. Enjoy this super breakfast.