Hello my million plus subscribers! In this traditional Turkish dish, you’ll find perfectly poached eggs that rest on a bed of velvety yogurt infused with a hint of garlic. I think you’re gonna love it!

Turkish Çılbır is a harmonious culinary masterpiece that brings together the softness of poached eggs and the tangy creaminess of yogurt.

A rich drizzle of hot melted butter adds a touch of indulgence, and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes lends a gentle kick of flavour. The combination of textures and flavours creates a delightful dance on the taste buds, capturing the essence of Turkey’s culinary heritage.

It seems that in some Balkan countries, the term “çılbır” is used to refer to a fried eggs dish. As these eggs are poached, I therefore prefer to pour the hot chili oil directly over the eggs while still bubbling hot.  This gives the eggs a light frying, introducing an extra dimension of texture just before serving.