A delicious simple to make pasta with home made Italian pesto. Fusilli is corkscrew shape pasta which is also known as Rotini or spiral pasta. It’s perfect to trap in the flavours in those ridges. This simple recipe could also be made with ready made pesto, but it won’t have the same freshness and peppery flavour of the arugula or rocket lettuce. You can also make the pesto in a small food processor if you don’t have a mortar and pestle. There’s just something magical about doing this fusilli pesto pasta the old fashion way. The feel of textures and the aromatic smells simply add to the joy of cooking. It’s best to under cook your pasta by 2 minutes, and finish the cooking process in the pan. You still want the al dente firmness for a perfectly cooked pasta. Always use pasta water to thin out the sauce, so keep some aside before straining.