The best pecan pie recipe that’s perfect every time! This recipe is made from scratch using of the best crust recipe you will find. You could also buy it and skip straight to the filling part.

A pie crust needs to be tender; it needs to be flaky in your mouth and taste like heaven with each bite. For best results you will need a food processor. Sure, you can also work it manually, but a processor will be your friend. Work in a cool environment and don’t let the butter get too soft.

Want to replace half the butter with lard? No problem, that can be to your advantage in terms of texture. I personally prefer just butter for a better flavour. So be fearless and give this pie crust a go, it’s pretty easy. Just one more thing, Vodka is for drinking! (some of you will get it)

For the filling, it’s best to give the pecan nuts a quick roast, 3-5 minutes, but don’t over do it as it can destroy their flavour. Use a good natural vanilla but don’t put too much or it can overpower the other subtle flavours. Use a descent Bourbon or a Whiskey, you can leave it out if alcohol is not your thing. Don’t skimp on the maple syrup, buy the real deal, that’s where the flavour is. Whether for thanksgiving or any other celebration, no one will ever turn away a good slice of Pecan Pie.