The Puttanesca sauce supposedly originated in Naples Italy. It’s made from olives, capers, anchovies, chili in a herb and garlic tomato sauce. Puttanesca translates to “Whore style”. How this name originated is unsure, but some suggest it was cooked in the streets to lure the men into the local houses of ill repute.

This recipe is quite similar to Puttanesca by replacing the acidity of the capers with white wine.  The sauce also has Pecorino cheese melted into it, making it creamier.   There’s no need to season with salt, as the olives, anchovies and Pecorino cheese contain enough salt to do the seasoning for you.  Chili replaces pepper but feel free to add some if you like.  But do salt your pasta water generously.  

The pasta was freshly made using whole-wheat flour, See pasta making video without machine here “How to make whole-wheat egg pasta“.  You can of course buy your own fresh pasta, and if you have dried, that’s fine too just cook longer as indicated on the pack.

Very quick to make and has amazing umami flavours with the olives and anchovies.  The anchovies will simply break away and enhance the sauce. 

Note:  the video shows 2 serves being made, the recipe quantity is for 4 serves.  If you only want 2 serves simply half the written quantities.

Enjoy Pappardelle Alla Puttanesca today!