For a romantic meal, a celebration or just because you love them, oysters should be eaten more often. This Oysters Gratinées recipe is very simple to make with few ingredients, and you’ll feel like you’re in a fancy restaurant. I used fresh oysters that I shucked myself but you can skip this step and buy them already opened. Any fish monger will do that for you. If you wish to shuck them yourself, you’ll need a special knife and please be very careful. The advantage of doing it yourself is that you know they are fresh, plus they retain all the seawater which has all that oyster flavour. Pre opened shop bought ones are usually washed and lack that extra flavour. But don’t worry, as long as they are fresh, you will still love them. The recipe simply makes a shallot, white wine and butter reduction and the oyster is topped with crème fraiche. That’s virtually it, how simple is that. And when you sample it you won’t believe how great they taste. Make Oysters Gratinées today.