A one pan French chicken stew made with very basic ingredients.  The term “Fricassée” means to fry and to break in pieces.  The chicken is first browned in butter then braised in wine, chicken stock and slow cooked.  It’s simple to make, and anything that only uses one pan is always a bonus.  You can make it a day ahead as it will taste even better the following day. The flavours seems to develop even further. It’s easy to reheat, simply add a little water and use a saucepan with lid over very low heat.   Chicken Fricassée is best served with rice, as it has a lot of sauce for the rice to absorb. 


I strongly recommend that you buy a whole chicken and break it down yourself.  If you don’t know how, see my video or get your butcher or poultry shop to do it for you.  Make sure you keep the carcass for your stock.  Making your own stock makes a world of difference to this dish. 


Chicken Fricassée is a delicious meal that doesn’t require a lot of complicated ingredients and simple to make.