A super tasty mushroom sauce I used to make at my French restaurant. And you don’t have to be a Chef to make this one, it’s so easy. Any true French person will always tell you, a protein needs sauce!

First, you slice up 500 grams of assorted mushrooms, any kind you like. A mixture makes it more interesting.  Then, you add dried porcini mushrooms, which are the Chef secret flavour boosters.  A little red wine, homemade chicken or beef stock and herbs.  And of course, in true French Cheffy style, finish with cream and butter.

When you cook all of this together, it’s like creating a delicious story in your kitchen. This sauce isn’t like ordinary sauces, it’s the secret to making your food taste out-of-this-world. 

Another Chef secret, before adding the butter, let it simmer on a back burner ever so gently for 20 minutes or even longer.  The sauce will be glossier and intensify the flavour even more!  You can use this incredible mushroom sauce on chicken, beef, pork etc.  It’s so versatile so make extra.  What will you use it on, let me know!