This salmon recipe is simple to make and truly packs a punch of flavours. It has it all, fat, acid, fruitiness, sugar, salt and umami. It’s slightly charred under the broiler or top grill for that caramelisation. If you’re a salmon fan, then you will love this.

Miso paste is an underused cooking secret, that packs your recipes with incredible flavour. It’s a Japanese seasoning ingredient made from fermented soyabeans which results in that intense umami flavour. Plus like any fermented food, it’s usually healthy for your gut. This recipe uses the red miso which is usually aged longer with a more pronounced taste.

First, we make a marinade and marinate the salmon at least two hours, longer is better, even over night if you have time. The marination liquid then becomes the sauce by simply reducing it with the addition of spring onion. And that’s all there is to it, a very simple and delicious recipe.

Great served with Asian wok fried vegetables and a serve of steamed or boiled rice. Enjoy my Miso salmon today, you will love it!