This sauce should be called a miracle sauce! It’s so quick to make with few basic ingredients. The taste is out of this world!

In this recipe, I used snapper fish, but you can use any white fish you like, it will be amazing. Try and avoid oily type fish such as salmon, as a butter sauce is already rich.

When making the sauce, mix it over very low heat, do not try to boil it or reheat it. It will break. This sauce is to be consumed immediately. It’s rich, glossy and creamy, and tastes delicious. Make sure you heat up your serving plates quite hot, so your fish can rest without cooling down.

I like to serve it with simple boiled potatoes. You can also use boiled or steamed rice. I love asparagus with this, but most greens will go well.

Enjoy my Miracle Lemon Butter Sauce today!