One of the nicest chicken you will taste, and it’s so easy!

On your griddle pan or home BBQ, this recipe for yogurt marinated chicken skewers is a delicious and easy way to cook chicken. The yogurt marinade helps to tenderise the chicken and infuse it with flavour, while the red and green capsicums add a touch of sweetness and colour.

Skewers can be traced back to the Middle East, where skewered meats have been a popular dish for centuries. The yogurt marinade is thought to have originated in Turkey, where it was used to tenderise and flavour lamb kebabs.

The yogurt marinade also gives the chicken a pleasing slightly sour flavour. The lemon juice also helps to brighten the flavour of the chicken. The tomato paste adds a touch of sweetness and richness, while the garlic and spices add depth and complexity. The red and green capsicums a help to keep the chicken moist while it cooks. Serve with your favourite sides, such as taboule or rice.