Who doesn’t like a Mac & Cheese!  The best part for me, is always the crunchy brown bits on top, you know the ones I mean?  Well now you can get that same sensation in every bite.  I saw this in a restaurant in Italy and loved it, I had to create my own version.  I used Dijon mustard to give it that extra kick, and smoked ham to bring it to a whole new level.  Mixed with the two cheeses, you get a smoky, cheesy soft centre with a crispy outer crunch.  These work well as an appetizer or a starter.  If you want as a meal you’ll need at least 6 balls each.  This recipe makes over 40 balls, so if that’s too many for you, simply half the recipe.  Or better still, freeze the extra serves for next time.  Simply reheat in oven. Enjoy with your favourite marinara or tomato sauce and a crisp green salad with Italian dressing.