Another simple pasta dish you’ll think came straight out of a top Italian restaurant. Made with chili, garlic, white wine, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice and butter. So simple yet so delicious. I used home made fettuccine, you can check out my recipe or simply buy it. If you can buy it fresh, it’s best so the sauce is really absorbed into the pasta, but dry pasta will be fine too. Use fresh parsley and fragrant lemons for a great result. For the prosciutto, don’t over cook it or it won’t be nice, just enough to dry it out a little. Once you remove it from the oven it will cool down and go crispy. This is the magic that gives you the pops of salty flavours and adds a great crispy texture. If you like the way this pasta dish looks, then you’ll love the way it tastes even more. Happy cooking and enjoy!