A very light sponge cake soaked with a mixture of three milks. This is a simplified version but the results are outstanding. This is without doubt the best recipe you will find. I’m still not sure of the exact origin of Tres leches Cake, but I’m told it’s from Central America, others tell me Spain and Mexico. It doesn’t matter where it’s from, this cake is pure heaven. I use rum in my recipe for that extra kick, you can of course leave it out and replace it with vanilla or a zest of lemon. For me it’s the rum that makes this already incredible cake into an amazing Tres Leches Cake.  As I love condensed milk and not a fan of evaporated milk, I used full cream whole milk and heavy cream. “Tres Leches” in Spanish translates to “Three milks”. The three milks cake. That’s what makes it so moist and delectable, the combinations of the cream making it richer, the milk keeping it moist and the condensed milk to sweeten and change it into something amazing. I toasted coconut as it goes so well with rum, looks great and gives you added texture. For the icing, it’s simply whipped cream with vanilla extract and a little powdered sugar. I used an 8 x 8 inch Pyrex oven proof dish, and it works a treat for these measurements. There’s no need to whisk the whites and yolks separately, there’s no need to add baking powder, the eggs are the raising agent that makes it super light.
in fact this cake for the results it gives it’s relatively simple to make. Be ready to share it with a lot of people, or you may end up eating the whole thing to yourself, you have been warned 😉 I hope you enjoy this Tres leches cake simplified recipe, if you make it once I promise you it won’t be your last.