This is another one of those simple recipes with impressive results.  Layered apple cake is a French recipe also known as invisible cake.  It’s called invisible as the apples disappear once the cake is cooked, I think it’s a silly name as the apples are quite visible and that’s part of the beauty.

Eighty percent of this cake is fruit, so it is a healthier cake.  It also doesn’t have too much sugar.

All these thinly cut apple slices smothered in a custard like batter, look very impressive once the cake is cut.  And of course it tastes delicious as most apple desserts do.   You can layer the apples one by one to make perfect layers, but who’s got time for that unless it’s for a dinner party.  I just throw the lot in the cake pan, flatten it and the result is still amazing.  It takes no time at all to make.  Enjoy my layered apple cake.