How to Make Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)


Imagine a juicy fried chicken that tastes like French fries on the outside?  Sounds awesome right? 

That’s why you need to make Karrage!  A Japanese deep fried dish, coated in potato starch and deep fried.  It can be done for any protein or vegetable, but chicken is always the most popular one.

The best cut of chicken is definitely the thighs, the bones need to be removed and the skin left on.  You can marinate a few minutes if in a hurry, but the longer the better.  I prefer overnight or at least 3 hours.  The flavour will be more intense and the meat juicier.

Now a word on chicken.  Use the best chicken you can afford, ideally cage free and organic, it does cost more but it is well worth it, not only the moral reasons but also many health reasons.  The meat will also be juicier with nicer texture and better flavour, which is what you want.

For the coating, try and use potato starch instead of corn-starch, the chicken will be more pleasing and crispier instead of crunchy.  It makes all the difference.

Enjoy Karaage today!