What if ramen, was an Italian dish?


Who doesn’t like a good Ramen, in fact I could probably eat one every day!  This recipe is made with an Italian style, using simple fresh ingredients.  

It’s best to make your own chicken stock, to obtain that beautiful flavour and natural dark colour. To achieve this, you’ll need to break down a whole chicken and chop up the remaining carcass.  Keep the legs for another recipe and use only the breasts.  Make sure you brown it nicely in the pot, but don’t go to far, it’s easy to burn.  Also caramelize the onions a little, then deglaze pot with water.  Don’t worry about adding other ingredients, apart from a bay leaf.

Use the fresh mushrooms you like, and you must use dried porcini mushrooms, this really intensifies the flavour.  Don’t skip the anchovies either, even if you’re not a fan, you won’t really taste them, and it will boost the flavours.

Cook the eggs to your liking, but soft in the centre is perfect.  You can use any spaghetti you like, however a little thinner is best like capellini.

There’s no need to cook the cherry tomatoes, and 30 seconds is plenty if you split the broccolini into quarters.   You want that little bit of crunch.

This recipe is enough for four serves, but I would double it!  It also tastes better the following day!  Enjoy my Italian Style Ramen.