Why this is the best hot chocolate you will taste. If you’re a purist hot chocolate lover, then this recipe is for you. No gimmicks or additives, just a pure chocolate indulgence.

When making hot chocolate, there aren’t many ingredients, therefore it’s important to buy the best. Starting with the milk, buy a full cream farm fresh milk, that tastes like milk. Don’t even try with low fat.

With the chocolate, I like to use 70% Belgian high grade cooking chocolate, or something similar. If making for children, they may prefer a lesser percentage. But for the adult purist, 70% is perfect, don’t go higher or it can get a little bitter. The cocoa powder is equally important, so chose well when purchasing.

The Italian hot chocolate is usually thicker, it’s thickened using cornstarch or cornflour.

The cream on top is optional but worth having! Marshmallows are also good, especially for kids. Enjoy Italian hot chocolate today!