Isn’t it great when something taste so great but it’s equally as good for you? This Lebanese or Arabic salad does just that, a super tasty crisp salad, that I would consider a super food. It’s traditionally served as part of a mezze in the Middle Eastern Countries but I consider it mainly Lebanese. I’ve been to Lebanon and it was on every single table I sat at. It has become a popular salad across the world due to it’s simplicity, delicious taste and health properties. Use it as a side dish for your meats, great for BBQs or simply as a meal with Lebanese bread. I used spring onion (scallion) and Ras el hanout spice which are both optional but I feel add an extra zing. Traditionally Sumac is used in Lebanon. Make sure you wash and dry your greens thoroughly, use a salad spinner and kitchen towels to dry. See my little tips below and watch the video for clear instructions. Enjoy taboule (tabbouleh).