Cooking perfect rice is not always that easy but if you know your rice then it’s not hard at all. For most Asian or Indian meal,s my preference has always been basmati rice. It’s light, it’s fluffy and it’s better for your health, sometimes even recommended as the only rice suitable for diabetes. As with all types of rice it’s also gluten free. With most rice types, you would use one part rice to two parts water ratios. For most balsamic rice types, I use one part rice to one and a half parts water or liquid. I used coconut milk and water, you can of course just use water. Using more coconut milk will simply make it richer, but the liquid ratio must stay the same. This can also vary depending on the variety. The big secret is to let it rest for a few minutes, 5, 10 or longer. The steam inside the closed container keeps steaming and makes the rice cook all the way through and evenly throughout the grain. The cooking timing can differ, it may take you a few tries depending on your burner, but chose the smallest burner you have on the smallest setting or you risk burning the bottom. You can also buy heat diffuses to help reduce the heat on your stove if your burners are too big. Give it a go, see how it turns out and adjust from there. Once you have it perfected, stick to the same brand and your rice cooking skills will be eternally perfect.