Indulge in the divine flavours of a French-style cream sauce with an irresistible abundance of garlic and shallots. An exquisite recipe for French Chicken in Shallot Cream Sauce.

This fine dining home cooked meal is surprisingly simple to create, yet it delivers a dining experience that rivals even the finest restaurant-quality meals.

Begin by using a whole chicken, broken down and ideally making your own stock using the carcass.

The essence of fresh thyme and a touch of rosemary, whether fresh or dried, infuses the dish with delightful herbal notes.

To Elevate the sauce’s richness, combine crème fraiche with dry white wine and home made chicken stock to add depth and intensity.

Together, these meticulously selected ingredients create a luscious cream sauce that gracefully complements the succulent chicken, elevating it to a level of pure culinary excellence. Bon Appetit!