We all love a simple recipe that yields incredible results.  Guess what? This is it!  A French apple cake that can be prepared under 20 minutes and ready under 60 minutes.  


It’s slightly buttery with a beautiful crumbly outside texture, and incredibly moist crumb.  Try and stop at one slice I dare you!


I’ve made this cake so many times and each time my guests go crazy for it. This will be your “goto” secret cake recipe, that will be passed on for generations.  Like a lot of French baking recipes, it’s the simplicity that’s makes it incredible!


When making any simple recipe with such few ingredients, the secret is to buy the best quality you can afford.  Get the best granny smiths apple you can find, make sure they are and crisp when selecting.  You want the apples to retain their shape when baking. Granny smiths are perfect because the combination of tartness and sweetness create a very pleasing balance.


Buy a good quality butter, I’ll say try a French grass fed brand if you can, there is a difference.  If not, use the butter you have, it will still be great.


For the vegetable oil, make sure you buy a neutral one, don’t use olive or avocado.  I like the expeller pressed grapeseed oil, but it’s more for a healthier option but any neutral vegetable oil will work.


When cooking, always buy full cream milk, never low fat for any recipes, in fact you should never buy low fat milk at all.


Try and buy an organic lemon as you will use the zest, otherwise make sure you give it a good scrub first.


This cake also freezes well, so any leftovers feel free to freeze. Once ready to eat, leave to thaw out in the fridge overnight or place in a cold oven on low heat and warm it up slowly.  No one can resist warm cake!


What separates this recipe from many others is the layer of frosting or icing as we say in Australia.  It’s poured on top after baking and baked another 12 minutes, so it fuses to the cake and browns the top.


This cake served warm with a scoop of ice cream is amazing.  A little piece of Paris in your plate, and it was so easy to make!   Enjoy my French Apple Cake and keep this recipe a secret as it’s only for you! 😊