Try this eggs Benedict recipe. With rustic sour dough bread, this has to be the best breakfast recipe! Yes you can also use English Muffins, but for me crusty bread has a better texture than soft muffins, but that’s up to your taste. Either way, Eggs Benedict are to me the best breakfast you can have. I use quality smoked ham which makes a huge difference to the flavour. A little cayenne pepper, chives and voila! Make the Hollandaise sauce yourself, forget any packet mix stuff, this is the only way to go and it’s not that hard.
This is an easy recipe, it’s not that hard, give them a go and let me know how you went. Otherwise definitely order them for breakfast next time you’re out or on holidays. Happy cooking! 


There are a few claims to the origins of this dish. One claim was that a retired Wall street stock broker, “Lemuel Benedict” wandered into a hotel looking for a hangover cure. The Maitre D’hotel was so impressed, he listed it on the hotel menu. One claim that can’t be denied is how enjoyable eggs Benedict are for breakfast.