Made in around 20 minutes, the ultimate comfort pasta meal everyone loves. If you like pasta Puttanesca or alla Norma, then you will surely love this.  It’s very cheap to make,  incredibly delicious and perfect to bring to the table on many occasions. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians too! (Minus the anchovies) It’s usually a great summer dish when the eggplants are in season, and I’m big on cooking seasonal but of course these days, eggplants or aubergines are available all year round.  

The flavours of this recipe are intense because of the fried eggplant which is the hero of the dish.  They are usually fried in seed oil but as we all now know, seed oils are very unhealthy so I opt for virgin olive oil.  Olive oil doesn’t heat as hot as seed oils but still hot enough to brown the eggplants without smoking.  I prefer to use the slated capers as they hold a stronger flavour, you can however use the capers you like.  Mixed with the olives and the anchovies, this dish comes to life.

Cook this to day and bring it to the table for the people you love.