A simple Apple Strudel recipe. Apple strudel is a German and Austrian style dish that’s been well adopted by the Italians and many other countries.  The classic strudel is made with apples but of course you can also use other fruits.  Make sure you buy a good quality cooking apple so they don’t fall apart during the cooking process.  This version is made using sheets of filo pastry, it’s not authentic I know, but it’s quicker and much easier than making it from scratch. I also like to toast the breadcrumbs so they resemble more of a biscuit base, this adds another level of flavour and also absorbs any moisture from the apples, resulting in a very crispy outside. I like mine packed with apples, but that’s a personal choice, you may like to roll them a little thinner. Either way, enjoy my Simple Apple Strudel with a side of vanilla bean ice cream or freshly whipped double cream.