Genoise is a French word for Sponge Cake, I do like the sound of the French word better, “Genoise”. This recipe is the simple basic version, no gimmicks, no self raising flour, baking powder etc. Fresh eggs are all you need. You can add your own flavourings, lemon, vanilla, etc. A sponge cake or genoise is a great base for many things, especially multi layered cakes. It also freezes well, so you can make it in advance and decorate later. Bring your eggs to room temperature before you start. Make sure you fold gently but check that there’s no clumps of flour left. Don’t prick the cake with skewers, just gently touch it and it should be firm in the centre. And don’t open that oven door while it’s rising. Enjoy this classic sponge cake or genoise recipe which I learnt to make as an apprentice Chef many moons ago, and it’s still a great classic today. There’s hundreds of uses for this incredible sponge cake recipe. I used a 9 inch or 33cm cake pan for this recipe.
If you’re going to use a lot of cream or rich product on your cake, I suggest leaving out the butter, this will result in a lighter and fluffier mix and it’s one less step.