These Garlic and Chili Thai Style Skewers are an adaptation from Southern Thai street food. You can make them at home by using your oven broiler or outside on your BBQ. First you make a spicy garlic marinade, divide it in two and let your chicken marinate overnight in one part, or at least two hours. The chicken needs to be sliced very finely; this allows more surface caramelization. You then add a little corn starch or corn flour to the other half of the marinade and use it for your coating mix. By grilling your chicken under your oven broiler or grill, you get that nice BBQ flavour we all love. Of course, a wood char BBQ is even better if you have that option.

The chicken is grilled then coated in the coating mix and grilled again. This step is repeated three times allowing a thick caramelized coating for an intense flavour. If using chicken thighs, the chicken remains nice moist.

Enjoy my Garlic and Chili Thai Style Skewers