Any chicken or lasagna lovers will love this recipe. Yes I know, I am breaking some traditional rules, but when something tastes so good, why not. This chicken mushroom lasagna recipe is made from scratch, but you can take a lot of shortcuts and still make this. You could buy ready made lasagna sheets (noodles). You could also use a kitchen food processor to chop all your vegetables and probably only have 30 minutes of preparation time. Now if you’re a passionate cook like me, then making your own pasta is absolutely worth it. I added chopped parsley to mine for extra freshness and a little more excitement than just plain pasta. (I doubled the recipe in the video as I always like to make extra for another day). I also prefer to use real chicken pieces rather than dried ground (minced) chicken. Having real chicken pieces to bite into takes it a whole new level. Slice the chicken by angling your knife blade 20 or 30 degrees, to create larger slices, but keep them as thin as you can. Make sure you caramelise the chicken (brown them) just a little on each piece for extra flavour. I find that three layers are enough, but if you have an extra deep dish, why not go another layer. Leave to rest 30 to 45 minutes before serving. This dish reheats very well in the microwave, lower the wattage and heat a little longer so it doesn’t splatter. Enjoy my breaking the rules Chicken Mushroom Lasagna this week!