Chicken Marengo is a comforting delicious chicken meal. This recipe has many levels, but you can simplify if you want a quicker meal by skipping levels. 

The legend has it that after the battle, Napoleon was famished and understandably wanted dinner, I would too! The chef managed to scrounge local ingredients from the countryside which included a chicken, eggs, tomatoes, truffles, and river crayfish. Et voila! Chicken Marengo was born! Napoleon Bonaparte liked it so much that it became his lucky dish.   So today this will be your lucky dish, using shrimp or prawns instead of crayfish, and mushrooms instead of truffles.  But feel free to replace with crayfish and truffles if you can afford them!

If you’re in a hurry, you could simply make the chicken recipe on its own, without the shrimps, eggs and toast.  That alone is still an amazing dish that can be made in under 40 minutes.