Look at this Creamy Chicken Mustard with Bacon, Garlic Cooked in one Pan!

A great one pan chicken dinner recipe that’s made under 30 minutes. The sauce has a smoky garlic flavour that’s so delicious. Another restaurant at home recipe!

It’s best to use chicken thighs as they have more flavour, plus they don’t go dry like the breasts can.

The chicken thigh pieces, must first be sauteed until they reach a nice golden brown colour. They need to be almost cooked through. Resting them aside will render them juicier while you continue the sauce in the same pan.

If you can’t use wine, simply leave it out, maybe add a little more chicken stock. Try and add the spinach leaves just before serving, this way, they stay nice and green. If preparing in advance, don’t add the spinach leaves at all. Simply add them in, upon reheating.

Use a good stainless steel or cast iron pan for best results. Enjoy this version of Chicken Dijonnaise!