Delicious Chinese stir fried noodle recipe that’s quick to make. Chow Mein basically means stir fried noodles.  This version fries the noodle a little, bringing out the nutty flavour while adding a little crispiness.  When buying Chinese egg noodles, look for the Hong Kong style or the ones with Chow mein on the packet.

It’s a fairly simple recipe, in fact I can prepare it and cook it faster, than calling for Chinese food delivery.  Having a good wok with a powerful jet does help, but you can certainly do it in a frying pan at home.  The wok gives you that wok hei, some also call it breath of the dragon or wok breath. That’s what gives your food that smoky or charred aroma flavour you get in real Asian cooking. You don’t get the same result in a pan, but the pan is much healthier, so it’s a good trade off. I have my wok set up outside then bring the food inside, it drives the neighbours crazy with that beautiful outdoor cooking smell.

I used broccolini for this recipe, I like the green colours mixed with the red bell pepper, but you can use other vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, bok choi etc.