A fine dining chicken recipe you can simply make at home. It looks incredible and tastes even better.  A great dinner party meal to impress your friends. This chicken recipe is reasonably easy to make if you have a food processor. It’s also made with very simple ingredients.

The chicken breast is filled using a pipping bag with a spinach and goat cheese filling. It’s gently pan fried in olive oil and finished in the oven. It’s then sliced and served with a marinara tomato sauce for a superb meal. Use a good quality goat cheese. Make sure you buy the chicken breasts with the tenderloins attached, these will also be part of your stuffing.  If you can’t find them, buy and extra breast instead.

If making several for a party meal, simply pan fry them first then leave them to cool.  Refrigerate and finish cooking in oven on a baking tray 40 minutes before serving.  So easy to do.

Enjoy my Chicken breast filled with a Goat Cheese and spinach filling today!