Caprese salad is one of those dishes that simplicity is what makes it shine.  Like any classic, whether it being art, music or food, you cannot add to it to make it better.  You want to be able to taste each ingredient.  The secret is not in the recipe, but in the quality and freshness of each ingredient, this is crucial.  You need to buy the best sun ripen tomatoes that are vine grown, sweet and firm.  Farmers markets are the best places for these.  You need fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese.  If you can’t find buffalo, then cow will still work but it has to be fresh.  The olive oil needs to be real pure virgin olive oil that’s first pressed.   Read labels carefully as a lot of so called olive oils are part vegetable oil or have other additives. The basil of course needs to be fresh.  Tear it up to release even more flavour. Use quality crystal salt that you can actually crunch on and freshly cracked pepper for full aroma. And buy a rustic loaf of bread that’s crusty on the outside and full of holes in the middle.  You don’t have to follow my recipe, this is just a guideline to help you enjoy one of the best salads.  Make it for lunch.