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Easy Meals with Video Recipes by Chef Joel Mielle – RECIPE30 - Easy to follow recipes with videos by Chef Joel, Mediterranean influences.

Food blogger Joel Mielle of Recipe 30 share a grilled fish recipe

My first trip to Bali Indonesia, another food and travel adventure. Bali is quite unique place, it has great beaches, great weather and plenty of natural sites to visit. There’s

Old Italy

Isn’t it great that there’s a positive side to everything.  I’m talking about food of course. Many years ago food was very scarce and therefore became very precious, and most

A new discovery in fried chicken

If you like fried chicken or KFC, you will love this video. On April 1st 2017, I met a lady in Australia who runs a small farm and breeds a

Are you stressed out? Maybe you’re not cooking enough. According to Psychologists, cooking is a form of meditation that can help alleviate stress. In fact it’s used as a treatment

Useful hints and tips in the kitchen

  Want to extract more juice from a lemon? The best lemons are the ones that have been sitting in your fruit basket longer, however if you freshly picked or

Why diets don't work and counting calories is dangerous!

The reason why you will never see a calorie counter on my website. You’re probably reading this, because you’ve been on a diet before, or maybe many diets. You lost

Jennifer Hawkins

Flemington is Australia’s premier and oldest continuing racecourse.  It started in 1840 when the city of Melbourne was barely five years old.  The Melbourne cup has also risen as the

The best Chicken Francaise or Francese recipe

For those who don’t know it yet, and there’s probably very few of you, my chicken Francaise (Francese) recipe has reached over 150 million people. Wow! That’s a lot of

Chef Joel Mielle - Food and Travel VLOG series in Italy

In this section, I will regularly be updating new hints, tips and health advice that will not only save you time in the kitchen, it will inspire you to cook. As


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