This recipe is based on the Corsican Fiadone or Fiadoni cheesecake which has no bottom layer.  That’s what makes it so simple to make, 10 to 15 minutes maximum. 

What other cheesecake is that quick and flourless!  I’ve also added blueberries in the filling so there’s no need to top with anything else except a little icing or powdered sugar. 

This custard style cake needs to be served cold or room temperature.  The Corsican  version is usually made with goat’s milk ricotta called “Brocciu” which is stronger in flavour.  But any similar cheese will work. 

You need to use drained ricotta otherwise simply place the fresh cheese in a muslin cloth over a colander and refrigerate a few hours to drain the liquid.  I used a hand whisk, but you can use an electric hand mixer so you don’t get too tired.  My philosophy is: “Burn the calories while cooking, then eat more cake!”  Just don’t over whip them, simply cream them.

The alcohol is optional, but using the zest of two lemons is not, you need that strong lemony flavour to cut through the richness. 

I used a 9 inch or 30 centimetre cake pan. (tin)

Ensure there’s still a little wobble in the centre once cooked.  One of the simplest cheesecake you can make and so delicious!  Enjoy my Baked Ricotta Cheesecake

With blueberries.