A fried garlic chicken recipe that will send your palette to heaven.  This recipe is quite simple to make, just mix a few ingredients for the sauce, chop up a few vegetables and fry the coated chicken.  Combine the lot, for an amazing Chinese style recipe.

This recipe is peppery funny enough with a berry called Sichuan pepper.  It’s used a lot in  China’s South West Province called oddly  enough, “Sichuan or Szechwan”.  It has a remarkable numbing effect on your tastebuds, quite different to the spicy chili piquant we are used to.  

For the chicken you could use breast, but thighs have more flavour and usually juicier which is best for frying.  You will need to marinate them for at least one hour, I prefer overnight or even 24 hours.  When coating the chicken, make sure each piece has corn-starch on it.  If you find it difficult, just spread them out on a flat tray. 

Enjoy my version of Asian Garlic Fried Chicken with Sichuan Pepper.