Chicken breast with garlic, chili in a tomato sauce.  This recipe also has the addition of potato so it’s a complete meal.  You could also add chopped spinach for additional greens.

Arrabbiata translates to Angry, that’s because of the chili factor as it’s meant to be a hot spicy sauce.  If you make it a day in advance, and then reheat it, it will taste even better or make extra and have a great meal the following day.  The flavours seem to intensify overnight.

I also added cheese to this sauce, to bring it up a level, you can also use Parmesan cheese for this recipe, but I prefer Pecorino for this, it just gives it that little extra yumminess.  Either way, I’m sure you’ll love those intense flavours.  Enjoy my Arrabbiata Garlic Chicken with Potatoes.