With this yogurt cake, you’ll never need to buy packet cake mixes again, this incredible yogurt cake is so simple and virtually fail proof. Plus it tastes delicious. Prepared in 10 minutes, cooked in 20-45 depending on cake pan size and oven. No measuring tools required, just use the yogurt tub, so less washing up. This yogurt cake is the best quick and simple cake recipe you will ever find. It’s moist and light and fluffy. Enjoy it warm with a coffee or tea. Use a good non stick cake pan, I used a 24cm or 9½ inch metal cake pan. For the yogurt, I used plain natural Greek yogurt for its consistency, it seems to work the best. If the amount of oil concerns you a little, then you can cut it down, but why would you want dryer cake? You may end up buttering it to make up for it, so I would recommend to eat a smaller slice and at least enjoy it for what it is. Just don’t eat it everyday, it’s a once in a while treat, and why not treat yourself and your guests.