Are you a coffee lover? Then this is one of the yummiest desserts you can ever taste!  Made with two or three ingredients, Affogato is also one of the simplest desserts to make, and that’s always a bonus.


There is however a catch, it has to be made with the finest and freshest ingredients you can get your hands on.  The vanilla gelato or ice cream has to be the real deal.  Made with actual vanilla bean, the one with the little specks of black (They’re the vanilla pod seeds).  The ice cream has to be made with eggs that have been cooked into a crème Anglaise otherwise the egg and coffee flavor won’t taste as good.  The ice cream also has to be rich in its cream content and freshly made.  See my vanilla ice cream recipe or buy the best you can afford.


The coffee has to be freshly roasted  delivering its full aroma and oils for that beautiful Caffè Crema.  You can also make it with a moka pot or other coffee appliance, but an espresso machine for me works best.  Those two ingredients alone already make a perfect affogato.

Now let’s take it up a notch with some freshly crispy roasted flaked almonds.  You could also use some crumbled meringue.  These crunchy textures in the creamy gelato bring it out of this world.


Want to take it up another level? Add a little stream of Amaretto liqueur. Totally unnecessary but why not indulge if you can.


Enjoy this delightful affogato Italian dessert.