This is the ultimate beef cheese burger, it’s made on the stove and taste incredible! At the time of making this it was for the national hamburger day. Use a good quality beef, freshly minced by your butcher. This makes a big difference. Don’t add egg, onion and all sorts of flavourings, that’s not what a real burger is about. It’s about tasting each ingredient without over doing it. Be gentle with the patties, don’t pack them tight. Let the meat rest a few minutes and there’s no need to thumb press the centre. I used brioche buns for a higher level, but you can select your favourite bread bun. The caramelised onions bring the sweetness, the tomato for freshness, the alugura or rocket lettuce gives you a peppery taste with balsamic vinegar for acid. Melted Gruyere or Swiss cheese for cheese lovers, a perfect hamburger balance. Is this the best beef burger recipe ?