There’s no more satisfying dish than a French Onion Soup in the colder months. This one is the vegetarian version, and it’s so tasty you’ll never know the difference. It’s simple, it’s packed with flavour and made with few ingredients. The cheese croutons can be made with any stale bread. The caramelized onion flavour is what makes this dish so popular. No need for chicken or beef stocks. And if you don’t like wine, then use apple cider. French onion soup is popular around the world with good reason. Traditionally made from a meat stock, caramelised onions, and loads of melted Gruyère cheese on croutons. This soup goes back to the Roman times and was seen as food for the poor as onions were cheap and in abundance. Today you still find it in fine dining establishments and is considered as the ultimate in comfort food, especially on cold Winter days.