These little beauties will be the tastiest tomatoes you have tasted. The word confit is the process of cooking food at low temperature for a long time. The process concentrates the existing flavours and seems to develop new ones, resulting in a umami sweetness. These confit tomatoes are easy to make, and then the culinary uses are limitless. From simple pastas, salads, risotto, bruschetta, chicken dishes, grilled fish to virtually anything you would use tomatoes for. It’s a different version of sundried tomatoes but without the sun of course. I used ripe but still firm Romano tomatoes, but you can do this with any tomato.

The recipe itself is an amazingly simple process, it’s made by slow baking tomatoes with olive oil, herbs and garlic, plus a little seasoning. You can semi dry them or go all the way, depends on your preference and uses. I prefer to remove the skins, but the seeds and pulp must be removed. Once cooked, transfer to a sterilized jar and top with olive oil. Keep in the fridge they will last several weeks or even longer if well covered in oil.

If the olive oil sets hard in the fridge, (as any good olive oil should) simply remove from fridge 30 minutes before use. So, make some tomato confit today.