Experience the simplicity and deliciousness of a Thai culinary masterpiece featuring eggplant and bell pepper. While crafting the green curry paste from scratch is an option (check out my recipe for a homemade touch), the convenience of ready-made paste, favoured by many, including the Thai themselves, is what elevates this dish to a new level of ease and satisfaction.

The heart of this Asian delight lies in the green curry paste, a vibrant concoction of green chilies and a coconut base, infusing the dish with an aromatic symphony of flavours.

This dish not only captivates your taste buds with its rich and punchy flavours but also stands out for its quick preparation. Whether served with plain rice or alongside warm roti bread, this tasty experience, complete with rice, can be whipped up in under 30 minutes. Forget home delivered food, Revel in the joy of creating a restaurant-quality Thai dish in the comfort of your own kitchen, all without compromising on authenticity or flavour.