Simplicity at its best, the Tarte Tatin is basically sugar apples and pastry yet it taste absolutely divine. Originally cooked in a copper pan with coals placed on top, today any oven proof pan or dish will do the job. No one knows for sure the exact history of the Tarte Tatin but it has been said that it was created by accident at the Hotel Tatin in France by overcooking (caramelising) what was suppose to be the apples for an apple pie. One of the Tartin sisters tried rescuing the overcooking apples by placing pastry on the top and turning it upside down. It was still served and the hotel guests loved it, a new dessert was born. Tarte Tatin is always served warm, the traditional Tarte Tatin is not made of puff pastry, has no cinnamon, raisins or any other added ingredients. It works perfectly as it is.
I like to add the serving of a quenelle of vanilla ice-cream on the side I feel completes it, but that’s just me and I’m sure traditionalists will disagree. I have made this version with less sugar, see tips below if you wish to add more.