The simplest bread recipe you will find.  I have removed and simplified many steps to give you the simplest bread recipe that yields perfect results every time.  There’s no kneading required, no fussy techniques or hard work.  It simply takes a little time and very little effort to have artisan bakery quality bread at home.  You’ll be amazed at the results, so give it a go.  There’s only three ingredients plus water, so try and buy the best flour you can afford.  You want a flour with a higher protein content, most baker’s flours are perfect for this.  Don’t use all purpose plain flour, the results won’t be the same.

There are other methods of making great bread which take so much more effort for a slightly better result.  If you want to make it each day, this recipe takes you 10 minutes of work and the rest is simply waiting and baking time.

Enjoy this rustic no knead bread for breakfast with lots of butter!