The most enjoyable potato dish you will ever taste.

If you’re a potato lover then this is truly hard to beat for deliciousness. 


Tartiflette originated in the French Alps and tends to be rich and tasty for those colder climates.  Like a fondue or a raclette, this recipe has a lot of cheese, so you’d better be a cheese lover too!


Traditionally this recipe is made with a French cheese called Reblochon.  I’ve altered the recipe as it’s not always and easy cheese to find in other countries, of course if you find it, then simply use that instead.  I used two cheeses, a Camembert to give you the strong flavour similar to Reblochon and the Fontina for that gooey melting cheese the Reblochon has. 


For the potatoes, usually waxier ones are better however you can use any potato you like.  Starchier ones are more likely to fall apart when cutting them if over cooked. Enjoy my simple two cheese Tartiflette recipe.