You won’t believe this is a meatless lasagna.  Made using a variety of fresh and dried mushroom for that incredibly tasty reduced ragu flavour.  Vegetarians and meat lovers will love this.

Cooking it slow for a long time is the secret, so don’t skip that step. This recipe is totally made from scratch but of course you can cut corners.  Buy ready made pasta sheets and use a food processor.  Most of the effort goes into the ragu, and by using a food processor, the mushroom ragu can be made in 15 minutes, plus cooking time.  You can make the bechamel in 15 minutes or less.  If you chose to make the spinach pasta from scratch, it’s totally worth it and will take you longer.  So why not make extra and freeze the sheets ready for next time.  Any left over pasta sheets can also be sliced into a fettucine.

When baking, you may need a little longer depending on your oven. Crispy edges are delicious but don’t over cook it unless you want to eat it all straight away. Otherwise it can be over crispy once reheated.   Once cooled and refrigerated, slice it up and make portions, reheat in oven from cold for about 30 minutes.  The corners will be crispy and delicious. Enjoy my spinach lasagna with mushroom ragu.