Experience the timeless charm of French cooking with this delightful recipe for French Peas or “Petits Pois à la Française,” a true example of culinary sophistication. A dish I grew up with as a kid. Begin by gently cooking finely chopped shallots, spring onions (my twist), and crushed garlic cloves, along with a fragrant bouquet garni, in rich butter, filling the kitchen with an enchanting scent. Next, add crisp pieces of Romaine lettuce, creating a lively blend of textures and tastes. As the lettuce softens, elegantly mix in plump shelled peas, of if you’re like me, frozen ready peas. Pour in a cup of vegetable stock, bringing all the ingredients together in a harmonious combination.

In a culinary highlight, transform the cooking liquid into a wonderfully creamy sauce by mixing it with smooth butter, taking the dish to heavenly heights.

A sprinkle of chervil adds a final touch to this masterpiece, creating an enchanting ending, sadly I couldn’t find any.

This “Petits Pois à la Française” pays tribute to the timeless charm of French cuisine, showcasing the artistry of flavours that can be enjoyed or reimagined, all while respecting the traditional foundations that shape it.